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The tutorials you will see in this video

Familiarity with the domain

Domains represent the identity and credibility of a site. I always refer to domains as the license plate of a building. And I introduce IPs as the postal code of a building and hosts as the building ground. Designing a site, just like designing a building, has complexity and attractive properties.

Familiarity with hosting

Hosting is just like a plot to build a website. And the point is to know our needs for buying suitable hosts. We must first assess the required volume of our website, for example, if we are looking for a very simple landing page just to introduce ourselves, we do not need to buy a high-volume host, but if you need a large store site, you definitely need plans with volume Take advantage of higher

Comparison of hosting companies

There are several important factors to compare companies that offer us hosting.
Integrity, Security, Good Service, Reasonable Price, Full Support, Control Panel, Server Update, Backup, Commitment

How to start designing a site before buying hosts and domains

By installing local programs like xamp we can turn our computer into our web host. The important point is that access and viewing of this type of website will be possible only through our computer. And after designing, this site can be introduced to the world by buying domains and hosts.