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Familiarity with .com domain

This popular domain stands for commercial word, which is used by most of the world’s leading websites.

But the question is, do we have to use a .com domain to have a website?
I can say no in response. Having a .com domain is an advantage because it is better known than other domains around the world, but not having it and using other domains will not harm our website.

But it is good to know that .com domain extension in most cases should be our first priority when buying a domain. Unless our strategy is different from our website services. For example, for those who serve in hosting and selling domains or even registering domains. .Net domain can be a good option.

In the early days, the .com extension was used for commercial purposes, but gradually became popular and Available to everyone around the world.

Many registrars around the world go through the .com extension process. But there is something we need to pay special attention to as a buyer. Buying and registering a domain is one of the valid registers so that we do not face any problems with renewal and ownership.

Familiarity with (.net) domain

Another high-level domain is the .net domain extension, which stands for Network.
The .NET domain in the early days was used in a completely specialized way for collections that provided technology and networking or some kind of Internet-related services or hosting and domain, but with the passage of time and the popularity of this domain, a more general approach was found. And became the second or third choice after the .com domain. The .net domain is one of the six main categories of domains, and due to its textual nature and comprehensive extension, it can be a good alternative to .com.
You do not need a document to register a .net domain, and you can easily register this domain in your name through valid registries.
Character limits The words or letters used in this range are from 3 characters to 63 characters.
You can also use a combination of numbers and letters to register this domain.
You can even use letters and numbers at the beginning and end of your domain word.
You can use (-) (Dash) instead of a space in this domain, such as charter-724, but other non-numeric characters such as $ & # @ are not allowed.
To register this domain, you can enter the domain registration registry from the bottom of this article and safely select and register your domain.


Familiarity with (.info) domain

The .info domain extension is derived from and stands for information. This domain, like .com and .net domains, is one of the top public domain domains.
Info domain is one of the public and registrable domains for all people in the world. This domain is one of the most welcomed and successful domains in the online world. Reasonable price and ease of expression and writing put this domain in the list of suitable alternative and auxiliary .com domains and can be suitable as the first and second choice after the .com domain. This domain is also among the list of 6 domains in the main categories.
The .info domain extension started with a very general approach since its introduction, and was one of the top 7 domain names among the 180 suggested domain names, except for the .com auxiliary domains.
The info domain extension has been introduced since the beginning of work with the Afilias operator and has been registered until today.
The .info domain extension was one of the first domains to comply with the rules related to Resolution 01.92 and to sign and implement agreements with ICANN.
And removed the names of countries from public access before the public display to protect national interests.
To legally register this domain, you can enter the section related to the register from the bottom of this page and purchase various types of domains, including .info.


Familiarity with (.org) domain

The .org extension is also a general high-level suffix, which stands for organization. This extension is also one of the most popular and widely used domain extensions, especially for governmental and non-governmental organizations and institutions.
This domain, like many domains at the time of its inception, was intended for the limited use of legal entities and non-profit organizations, which often had no commercial activity and income, which was soon removed and its use was made available to the public. .
The org domain can be registered by reputable registries around the world.
This domain is managed by the Public Interest Registry.
The .org domain extension can be a good alternative to .com subdomains.
This domain also made it possible to register (IDN) domains as second-level domains.
The .org domain is proud to be the first to register its DNS with the DNSSEC security extension.
To order and review various types of international domain extensions, you can enter the page related to reviewing and purchasing legal domains at the bottom of this page.

Familiarity with (.co) domain

The .co domain is one of the most popular and top-level extensions in the country. Contrary to popular belief, this domain is not known as a company and stands not for company. The .co suffix represents Columbia and is a country-specific suffix.
But now this domain is free for the general public and easy to transfer.
Due to its great similarity to the word company, this domain was quickly welcomed by large commercial companies, such as Google or Amazon and many other companies, which, as you can see, this domain can be used. Has a character to register.
The general use price of this domain is in the appropriate price categories, except for the following 4 characters. However, due to the popularity of this domain for commercial and corporate uses, a significant number of premium and expensive domains can be seen from this domain.
To register this domain, you do not need any identity document and confirmation. Every person and company will be able to register this domain.
Domain registration period from 1 year to 5 years can be extended for the person purchasing the .co domain.
This domain is currently under the supervision and policy of the Colombian Ministry of Communications.
To register a .co domain, be sure to use a valid registry. If you wish, you can enter the search and purchase section of valid and international domains by referring to the bottom of this page.

آشنایی و استفاده دامنه دات کو .co

Familiarity with (.xyz) domain

The .xyz domain extension is one of the emerging but highly advanced domains. This domain is also one of the high level domains that was made available to the public by ICCAN in 2014.
The .xyz domain extension has no property meaning. But because it is one of the last three letters of the English alphabet, it has made this extension one of the most popular domain extensions and has made significant progress due to its low activity time.
This domain was able to quickly establish itself in 2016 as the fourth registered domain name after Com,net and Org domain domains.
You do not need authentication or identification to register a .xyz domain.
XYZ domain is one of the very cheap domains. But it is expected to be a powerful alternative even for international-level domains, even .com.
This domain can also be purchased by reputable registrars around the world. If you want to buy or view the price of your chosen names. At the bottom of this page, please enter the International Domain Registration Agency from the Domain Selection section.


Familiarity with (.biz) domain

The .biz domain is a functional and high-level domain suitable for the growth of business and commerce. The .biz domain is a benchmark for professional and proprietary business. This domain has been widely welcomed by reputable brands and small and large businesses use this domain name.


The .biz domain is also in the category of public and versatile domains. And it can help your branding seriously.


One of the important and lovable points of this short domain is its name and its memorableness, especially in businesses that have foreign audiences. One of the points that SEO experts pay special attention to. Improved keywords in search engines. Undoubtedly someone who researches online commerce. More likely to click on links that use the .biz extension. This can have a direct bearing on your revenue and improving organic search engine results.


Given that in the near future, the help of new domain names will be such that it will represent a general category of your website activity for the audience. This means that your customers can better understand the subject of your activity before entering your website. The .biz domain can help you in this area.


The .biz domain name stands for Business and Trade, and using this name can improve the competitive and proprietary atmosphere of your business.


The period of time we can buy a .biz domain is from one to ten years and it will be possible for the domain buyer to extend it.


One of the notable points of this domain is its fast registration.


The minimum number of characters used in the .biz domain is 3 characters that you can start and end with a letter or number. And the maximum number of characters allowed and usable in the .biz domain is 63 characters.


In this domain name you can also use dash (-) to the space between words, such as (iran-booking), but you can not use the dash at the beginning or end and even in the second and third part of the characters Use like two dashes next to each other, for example (ab-cd.) Of course, my recommendation as a digital marketing instructor is not to use dashes in the domain, which we will talk about in the SEO training section.


The .biz domain registry is managed by NeuStar.


If you want to choose this domain extension for your business, you can go to our domain purchase section at the bottom of this page and safely use our registry agency to buy .biz domain.

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