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I will be with you from A to Z to succeed in the online world. My 20 years of successful experience is your support.

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One of the biggest challenges for online business owners is managing virtual stores on Facebook or other social networks. I am here ready to help your business grow…

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Reaching the top ranks of Google in a world full of competition only requires a professional and experienced team. More than 30 successful international projects in Google are part of our history.

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Start with website design.

The first correct step in online business is to have a website. A website is the identity and credibility of your business. And with a website, you can use all sales and promotion channels and you will not be limited to social networks. If you start your online business without a website, you have built a house on ice, even if this house is a palace, because you are not the owner of it, the ice may melt one day.

Digital Marketing

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Matio Designation

Saeed saved my internet business and I am thankful for that. I never thought I would be able to revive my business again.

Reyhane Designation

I bought the illusions salon brand in late 2022 and had no idea how to update and activate an old business that operated on traditional principles. I met Saeed. In less than 3 months, my brand flourished so much that I thought of adding new branches.

Ahmad Designation

I started New House Moving company in Canada. And Saeed quickly manage my business, and now I was able to go from one truck to 8 trucks in the shortest time, and I'm seeing progress every day.

    About Me

    I am Saeid seifi . Web designer and developer and digital marketer. I am Iranian and I speak Farsi. My second language is English, but not perfect, so I use my translator in important projects. I did not limit myself to one language and chose the international market. I worked with different countries in my projects, in recent years I had projects in Germany, England, Canada, America, Sweden, Turkey, Armenia and I could easily communicate with any language and dialect.

    I have over 200 successful websites on my resume and launched more than 10 brands. My hosting company in iran formd with mor than 40 expert personnel. My company hosts and manages more than 3500 websites in Iran. that many websites are in the top ranks of sales and traffic.

    All my work is done as a team and I don’t have any restrictions for implementing projects. Starting to work with me means 20 years of experience and a team of 40 of the best Iranian specialists who will do your work from A to Z .
    I live in Turkey and do all my work remotely and freelance.

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